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The Women of Sweet Swine County Take a Road Trip

Sweet Swine Scoop
has learned The Women of Sweet Swine County
recently took a trip to their neighboring county of Martin! The ladies asked Ronnie P Silage to join them to photograph the points of interest in Martin County! When asked about the photos Silage told Sweet Swine Scoop: "I was excited to join the ladies, but when we got there the ladies distracted me and of course it became a photo op for them, is anyone surprised!        


Stunned Cocklebur Morning Show "guest hosts" welcome back Bobby Ray & Sally Sue!

While filming a live episode of The Cocklebur Morning Show, guest hosts Cassadee & Sergio were stunned with the unexpected return of the regular hosts of Sweet Swine County’s most popular morning show! Cassadee & Sergio who have been filling in for the ever absent Bobby Ray & Sally Sue told the Sweet Swine Scoop “At first we were excited to welcome back the stars who put The Cocklebur Morning Show on the map! But it became clear the reason for their return was going to cause some conflict, see for yourself!”


Swine Tails Publications has signed a four book deal with Nosey Norma

Nosey Norma has shocked Sweet Swine County with the release of four tell-all-books! The books are sure to upset some of Sweet Swine Counties most prominent citizens! Recently Nosey Norma went on The Cocklebur Morning Show to promote her books!


Love Blooms in Sweet Swine County

Sparks flew when Ronnie P Silage wandered into Harriet's Pretty, Cut & Dry Salon. Ima Looker told Sweet Swine Scoop "I believe it was love at first sight, much to the chagrin of Prairie Ann!" Prairie Ann told the Scoop "Ronnie is smitten with Harriet, why would I care?" but photos taken by Sweet Swine Scoop outside the Pretty, Cut & Dry Salon tell another story!! Look for video footage of Ronnie and Harriet's first encounter on a upcoming episode of the reality/soap As the Corn Grows!



"Professional Mourners" Available for Hire!

One of Sweet Swine County's best known clubs--The Professional Mourners--is now available to hire out for your sad events!

Yes, Sweet Swine Scoop has learned this popular club is now enhancing the sadness at special events throughout the county including anniversary parties, lodge meetings, bachelorette parties, and retirement parties--literally wherever a tear could be shed in a special moment when tears are so needed. Club president, Ima Tearson told Sweet Swine Scoop, "Event planners may book all 19 members of The Professional Mourners for large, sad events, or just book the famed Wailing Sisters (pictured here) for smaller functions. Whatever your mourning needs, The Professional Mourners are guaranteed to make a sad moment the saddest ever!"


Ronnie P Silage promotes his books on the Cocklebur Morning Show

Swine Tails Publications announced today the release of two poetry books by Ronnie P Silage! Silage told Sweet Swine Scoop "I wasn't planning to write a book, but the public outcry was deafening! So I decided to make my fans dreams come true by writing two books!"


Circulation Manager for the Daily Boar newspaper FIRED!

Sweet Swine Scoop has learned that circulation manager, Oliver Luck, has been asked to turn in his resignation. The Daily Boar a sometimes daily newspaper reports all the news that the residents of Sweet Swine County want to know! Distributed to all but one (Mrs. Swanson) of the 187 people who live in the county.It has became clear to the management (Cousin John) that Mr. Luck is unable to sway Mrs. Swanson into subscribing. She told The Scoop, "I'll subscribe to that rag when hell freezes over!" (She once received a bad review in it for her Cream of Mushroom Jello Delight hotdish recipe!) Cousin John owner of The Daily Boar told the scoop: "Mr Luck was hired to increase our circulation, if he can't talk Mrs. Swanson (my mother) into subscribing, we need to bring in someone new!!