The Ham Hotel becomes The Ham-Tons Resort

The Ham Hotel located in the town of High Horse has been converted into a resort! The well known hotel made the decision to become a resort to attract the large number of tourist traveling to Sweet Swine County! Acting part time manger E W Trailer who has lived in the hotel for twenty-nine years told Sweet Swine Scoop: "The world is changing and so must the hotel. By changing our sign maybe some tourists will stop!" A unnamed High Horse resident told Sweet Swine Scoop: "I love our town and when I drive by The Ham-Tons Resort on my way out of town, I will know we got class!  Now if only we could get a shoe store in town!" Sweet Swine Scoop will let you know if any other changes are made to the resort! At this point no other changes are planed!


It Will Be Gone Saving & Loan has come to the town of Hamhock Hollow!

The town of Hamhock Hollow is happy to announce that yes there is a new business in town! The "It Will Be Gone Saving & Loan" pulled into Hamhock last Friday and immediately began opening savings accounts! The Scoop has learned the bank has had trouble finding a permanent location in Sweet Swine County! A spokesperson for the bank told Sweet Swine Scoop: "We love Sweet Swine County and believe what we plan to do will long be remembered!    

Located on the eastern border of Sweet Swine County, Hamhock Hollow is the smallest town in the county. All nine citizens work for the Cluck 'n' Pluck business (on the night shift). During daytime hours, citizens kindly requests travelers and visitors to use County Bypass Road #13 to skirt the town so they can get some sleep.


New display donated to the Sweet Swine County Museum

SSC Museum announced today they have acquired the original Sweet Swine County Outhouse Library! Originally located in the Sweet Swine town of High Horse this outhouse was quite popular with Sweet Swine County residents offering (within sitting-reach) three shelves packed full of books. Readers of all ages were able to read a novel, picture book or magazines. Though books couldn't be checked out, regular Outhouse Library visitors enjoyed this quiet place to read and yes you could lock the door! Though it is no longer in working order the exhibit is sure to bring back good memories! The picture of the library is a artist redering, the real outhouse needs to be cleaned up a bite before delivery! 


Beware of Falling Bricks at Flat Land High School

Flat Land High School, Sweet Swine County’s only high school, is making plans to shore up its brick walls with more cement and concrete. The high school's former student and County Safety Engineer, Elmer Plow, told Sweet Swine Scoop, "The building is historic and bears some fixing up. Bricks have been falling out primarily because when the the school was built, there was a shortage of masons and cement, so local farmers just stacked the bricks on top each other like Lego blocks. We're paying the price for that now, unfortunately."

“Flat Land High” is home to the sometimes-winning horseshoe team, “Flat Land Prairie Dogs.” Located one mile outside the town of Corn Row, it was built in 1907 when citizens from all over the county donated bricks from their abandoned well houses. The school holds classes every Tuesday and Thursday to prepare students to meet the challenges of life in Sweet Swine County. Many graduates go on to college at Purrdoo University, Sweet Swine County's Institute For Hire Learnin'.


Sweet Swine County Museum will not be located in Sweet Swine County!

Recently on a KLUK TV breaking news report Ronnie P Silage shared some of the things you will expect to find in the new Sweet Swine County Museum. But what Silage did not share was that the Sweet Swine County Museum won't be located in Sweet Swine County? Sweet Swine Scoop has learned the new museum will be located in the town of Fairmont MN. When asked about the shocking news SSC museum curator told the scoop: "Look everyone knows there's not one building in Sweet Swine County that has not been scheduled for demolition! So we had to select a location in a neighboring county!" 


Two new members of the Sweet Swine Chamber of Commerce!

The Sweet Swine County Chamber, formed initially in 1938, finally got its first member in 1976. The organization works to improve the overall business climate in Sweet Swine County. The chamber currently overseen by with seven bored members.


The Best of KLUK TV will feature guests from outside Sweet Swine County, what's up!

The first six talk show episodes selected to be included in the box set of The Best of KLUK TV have been announced and all feature guests from outside Sweet Swine County! When asked why these six outsiders will be spotlighted before Sweet Swine County citizens Cousin John owner of KLUK TV told the scoop: We at KLUK are all about reaching out to our neighboring counties and well, the stories coming from outside Sweet Swine County seem more real!


KLUK TV owner Cousin John overheard saying: "Contract, what contract?"

Sweet Swine Scoop has learned that when the first episode of The Real Housewives of Sweet Swine County was aired last week, it came as a surprise to KLUK TV owner Cousin John! It appears a contract was never signed with the actresses, known as the Lefse Ladies! Now with the success of premier Cousin John is in a bite of a spot!

You can see the story unfold on the reality/soap opera As the Corn Grows, check it out!!


Photos from the first episode of KLUK TV's "The Real Housewives of Sweet Swine County"

Sweet Swine County citizens get their first look at the new kitchen on KLUK TV's The Real Housewives of Sweet Swine County! When Sweet Swine Scoop asked KLUK TV owner Cousin John about the state of the art kitchen he shared with us, "As long as the ladies provide me Lefsa they can have what ever the want!"

Look for The Real Housewives of Sweet Swine County coming to a TV near you next month!


Sweet Swine County Parade breaking all attendance records!

All of Sweet Swine County come out for what is said to be the biggest parade in their history!


Who will get the youth vote for Mayor of Split Hoof?

In the latest poll done by Sweet Swine Scoop it appears the youth of Sweet Swine County are undecided on who to vote for! Young Johnny O’Swine told the scoop: "I'm going to the Sweet Swine County parade to meet the candidates , I'm hoping they have some time to answer my concerns about the portion size in the cafeteria at Purrdoo University!" 


Senator Takeitall takes a wrong turn!

Will the fall out from Earl Silo's mayoral fundraiser ever end? Now Sweet Swine Scoop has learned when Senator Takeitall attended Earl's event she thought she was at her nephew 5th birthday party! Senator Takeitall told the scoop: "I was running a bit late so when I saw all the cars in front of a cabin on Swine Lake I assumed it was for my nephew birthday party! When a guy came up to me and thanked me for coming I thought he was a stalker! As far as endorsing Mr Silo for mayor of Split Hoof, why would I endorse a stalker?"


Sweet Swine citizens are asking "Who is that women with Ronnie P Silage?"

When Ronnie P crashed Earl Silo's mayoral fundraiser he was not alone! The women shown here never left Silage's side! Who is this women we don't know, but you can be sure Sweeet Swine Scoop is on the case!


Earl Silo makes video tapes available for his mayoral fundraiser.

Yes its true, Earl Silo has made available to the public video tapes from his mayoral fundraiser. Silo told the scoop: "I have been taping everything to do with my campaign because I think it could be historic and yes I need some funds!" Cost for this bit of Sweet Swine County history is $2.99 with 10% going directory to Silo's campaign! To date Silo has sold two videos, one to the scoop and the other to Ronnie P Silage! Silage who is running against Silo for mayor told the scoop: "Yes I know the money goes to Earl's campaign, but have you watched the video, I look good!"


The good citizens of Split Hoof attend Earl Silo gala mayoral fundraising event.

A fundraiser gala was held for Earl Silo, candidate for mayor of Split Hoof. Guests were shocked when his opponent Ronnie P Silage and one of his campaign staff members crashed the party!


Fairies have been sighted at the commune in Sweet Swine County!

Once again fairies have been seen in the Swine Song Commune. Again an unnamed photographer submitted photographs to Sweet Swine Scoop. This year the photos show the fairies were overtaken by pirates or should we say pirate/fairies! Sweet Swine Scoop is beginning to think these pictures are not showing real fairies or even real pirates but part of a stunt to draw attention to the commune!