Senator Takeitall takes a wrong turn!

Will the fall out from Earl Silo's mayoral fundraiser ever end? Now Sweet Swine Scoop has learned when Senator Takeitall attended Earl's event she thought she was at her nephew 5th birthday party! Senator Takeitall told the scoop: "I was running a bit late so when I saw all the cars in front of a cabin on Swine Lake I assumed it was for my nephew birthday party! When a guy came up to me and thanked me for coming I thought he was a stalker! As far as endorsing Mr Silo for mayor of Split Hoof, why would I endorse a stalker?"


Sweet Swine citizens are asking "Who is that women with Ronnie P Silage?"

When Ronnie P crashed Earl Silo's mayoral fundraiser he was not alone! The women shown here never left Silage's side! Who is this women we don't know, but you can be sure Sweeet Swine Scoop is on the case!


Earl Silo makes video tapes available for his mayoral fundraiser.

Yes its true, Earl Silo has made available to the public video tapes from his mayoral fundraiser. Silo told the scoop: "I have been taping everything to do with my campaign because I think it could be historic and yes I need some funds!" Cost for this bit of Sweet Swine County history is $2.99 with 10% going directory to Silo's campaign! To date Silo has sold two videos, one to the scoop and the other to Ronnie P Silage! Silage who is running against Silo for mayor told the scoop: "Yes I know the money goes to Earl's campaign, but have you watched the video, I look good!"


The good citizens of Split Hoof attend Earl Silo gala mayoral fundraising event.

A fundraiser gala was held for Earl Silo, candidate for mayor of Split Hoof. Guests were shocked when his opponent Ronnie P Silage and one of his campaign staff members crashed the party!


Fairies have been sighted at the commune in Sweet Swine County!

Once again fairies have been seen in the Swine Song Commune. Again an unnamed photographer submitted photographs to Sweet Swine Scoop. This year the photos show the fairies were overtaken by pirates or should we say pirate/fairies! Sweet Swine Scoop is beginning to think these pictures are not showing real fairies or even real pirates but part of a stunt to draw attention to the commune! 


Is Judith Van Derswine second cousin to William F Buckley?

In a recent interview with Sweet Swine Scoop Judith Van Derswine shared that she learned from her uncle that she was a second cousin to William F Buckley.  It should does not come as much of a surprise Mrs Derswine and Mr Buckley are related William F Buckley Jr. was an conservative author and commentator and Judith Van Derswine is the permanent part time President of the Legion of Decency, even their speaking voices are similar, you be the judge! 


Purrdoo University student Ben N Class becomes the latest KLUK TV reporter

 Ben N Class who is a junior at PU in Sweet Swine County and Oinka, Piga, Piga fraternity treasurer has agreed to do some reports outside Sweet Swine. Mr Class told Sweet Swine Scoop: Somehow this summer I ended up as an intern at KLUK TV, yes KLUK TV! I was assigned to follow KLUK TV owner Cousin John around with a pencil and post-it notes so I could write down his every thought! So surprise, surprise when he asked if I would do some reports outside of Sweet Swine County I jumped at the chance!" Look for Ben's reports coming soon!


Purrdoo University Improves Historic Aunt Ella Hall

The PU Alumni Assoc. proudly announced they have raised the funds to fix up Aunt Ella Hall a little. Included in the "re-do" is a new window and security enhancements to the front door. They hope to get to fixin' the front-door overhang next year. It seems to be in OK-enough shape for now.

Elmer Plow (Alumni President) said, "We hope to add one new window each year to this well-loved and historic campus structure. Ongoing donations made be left for the PU Alumni Group in the box on the back stoop of Aunt Ella Hall. Just be careful you don't trip on the collapsed bottom step."

PU offers modern co-ed housing for students from all over Sweet Swine County.


Ronnie P. Discovers He Is Related To Ernest T.!

Sweet Swine County’s Poet Lariat, Ronnie P. Silage, recently discovered documents in a Swine Lake dumpster that traced the Silage family back to North Carolina! Ronnie reports he was surprised to learn he is a fifth cousin to Ernest T. Bass!

Readers will remember that Ernest T. Bass is an ignorant and obstreperous mountain man who often wreaks havoc on the quiet town of Mayberry, whose sheriff, Andy Taylor, along with his Deputy Barney Fife, diligently police. Hillbilly Bass, like his cousin Ronnie, often speaks in rhyme, although we must add that Bass’ wild, scruffy appearance is mostly at odds with his better-groomed Sweet Swine County cousin.

Ronnie told The Daily Boar, "This is the biggest thing to ever happen to me! I can't wait to tell Prairie Ann! I’m sure this will bump me up a level in her esteem for me!” Silage, Urban Katie's hired man, is well known throughout Sweet Swine County for having graduated from Purrdoo University (PU) where he studied poetry and a few other things. Recently, he was seen promoting his book, Poems I Wrote by Ronnie P. Silage, on “The Cocklebur Morning Show”—Sweet Swine County’s #1 morning talk show.


What's happening backstage at the Commune and who are these people?

Sweet Swine Scoop has learned the backroom of the main stage at the Swine Song Commune has been cleaned up, a bite! Last week when Sweet Swine Scoop reporter Clarice Plow was covering the latest concert held at the commune she wandered backstage to find two commune citizens hanging out! Reporter Plow's report stated: "I was surprised to find the hippies, I mean commune citizens hanging out backstage at the Commune. They did agree to let me taking some pictures of them, but when I asked why they were there they told me they had to make a phone call and then left in a huff! Not deterred, I am a ace reporter, I snooped around and found a poster of the well known pig featured on theSwine Song Commune's sign with the words Backstage at the Commune wrote on it. What this means I don't know!" Sweet Swine Scoop will keep you informed as Plows investigation continues!


On this "Kernel of Corn" from As the Corn Grows - Will Lonesome Ron and Cassadee Davis headline the Cob Days Music Festival?

Ron and Cassadee seen here leaving Pig in a Poke Record Studios announced today, yes they are in negotiations to headline the Cob Days Music Festival held in the town of Cornrow! A favorite in Sweet Swine County, this event has already signed Taylor Slow to be the warmup act and Barry Overwood will sing the national anthem at the opening ceremonies. Sweet Swine Scoop will keep you informed as additional information is released about this event! 


On this "Kernel of Corn" from As the Corn Grows - Will a prenup change things between Cousin John and Miss Minnie?

Will Minnie stop thinking about prenup  long enough to starting planning her honeymoon. And will John get his head out of his magazine and figure out that Daniel's putting the moves on his woman?


Clem from Clem's Feed Store in the News!

Clem from Clem's Feed Store seems to be the talk of the county! Two KLUK TV talk shows covered stories about the Sweet Swine County business man! The Cocklebur Morning Show shared with their audience that Clem was making plans to put a movie theater in the back room of his feed store and on the Women of Sweet Swine County the ladies told their viewers that talk on the street was that Clem was engaged! Sweet Swine Scoop has yet to verify either of these stories, but will keep you informed as breaking news is released!



Ms. Judith Van Derswine shakes things up on The Women of Sweet Swine County

 New permanent part time President of the Legion of  Decency, Ms. Judith Van Derswine makes her first appearance on The Women of Sweet Swine County. Co-host Paris told the Sweet Swine Scoop " I found Ms. Judith a bit scary and I spent most of my time during the interview making sure my skirt was at an appropriate length"